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Huntington Mall

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Starbucks Marietta, OH

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Huntington Mall

A development we did on the peripheral of the largest mall in West Virginia.

Upon purchase of the land there was an active Arby's building on the property. We demolished the Arby's and regraded the land. In its place we built a multi-tenant building and negotiated long-term leases with Chipotle and Mattress Firm.

Marietta, OH

A Starbucks development on Route 7 in Marietta, OH in 2020.

When the land was purchased there was an existing building on the site. We demolished the building and developed a free-standing Starbucks. Despite setbacks during the development period, we successfully turned over the building to Starbucks in September 2020 and they opened for business in November 2020 and have been very successful. 

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